Monday, February 4, 2008

Good News!

I just finished reading one of the daily intelligent summary from the US military in Iraq for 30 January.

Though the list of incidents seems, at first glance, long. It is worth the time to fully read each description and its comments. When you read the comments, the only conclusion is that things in Iraq are improving. Al Qaedi in Iraq (AQI) is in retreat. The Iraqi army is chasing them. Supplies lines to the enemy have been cut. More IEDs are being found than detonated.

Also, as I have mentioned before, the use of more and more of what would normally never be considered military worthy individuals is a sign of desperation. If AQI was winning and its ranks swelling with recruits, why wouldn't one of the new recruits eagerly volunteered to be matyred as soon as possible. The recent use of Down's Syndrome women bombers clearly indicates this.

Another couple of things. First, the phrase "hearts and minds" has been used many times the last few years to make the point that we need to convince the Iraqi people to support our efforts against AQI. While that is true to some extent, AQI may be doing a lot of the winning on our behalf. Read the news articles of how AQI treat the people of Iraq: intimidation, threats, beheadings, torture, harassment, murder, subjugation, and using civilians as human shields.

Second, we cannot loose in Iraq if we are willing to finish the job. Think about it. We have bases, big and small, all over Iraq. From time to time, the come under attack, but these attacks are mortars or sniper rounds. Not the kinds of attacks designed to over-run the base. We're not in danger of having to engage in a fighting retreat. We're not going to be pushed back to the see. We won't be loading up all of our guys onto ships in Kuwait. AQI simply cannot match our military might and the excellence of our men and women. The only way will we loose in Iraq (or Afghanistan) for that matter, will be if we lack the political will. This is what the terrorist are trying to do. And, as the recent debates indicate, some of our politicians are willing to give them that victory.

Let's finish the job. I want to win.

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stevercleaver said...

Yes! Amen to all that stuff you just said Justin. I completely agree, not that it matters but your sound thinking is refreshing to some of the gobblygook I hear these days about the war on terror. I get so weary of people feeling like we made a mistake and we should pull out quickly and after all we have no right to assert our will on another soveriegn country, blah, blah, blah! We went after the enemy where he lived and was sponsored. Too bad if that was called Iraq. You run your mouth and you pay! The whole world was in agreement. Now they cry, "No WMD! No WMD!" Well that's a big too bad. Would have been nice but get over it! We are there fighting a faceless enemy and he is on the ropes. To let him get back up again to live another day is sheer nonsense. To give freedom a chance in this part of the world is an awesome thing. It takes time but as Justin has so eloquently pointed out we are doing it and it will happen if we give it time. It chaps my hide when I see people give an opportunity to the enemy to regroup, reorganize and plan future terrorist activites against us. Either they will hit our armed forces on foriegn soil, who are trained to handle such hostilities (with joy) or allow these maniacs to rest, reload and continue their plan to destroy modern civilization in our own back yard. Again, thanks Justin for clarity, common-sense, and some good old-fashioned "whoop!"