Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is from Newsweek?

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New Categoy: Good News

We don't here good news often enough. Usually important and significant advances are ignored for sensational and alarming news. So, starting today, I will begin posting the little heard but important stories you should know.

To begin, top Al Qaida scum dies!

al-Qaida Commander in Afghanistan Dies World Latest Guardian Unlimited

Good News!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nuclear Power Solutions

This article talks about several of the things I have been saying for years. Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor's Business Daily -- Nuclear Fuel: Waste Not, Want Not

If we want to change the energy picture in our country, we need to change our priorities. Oil is a limit resource. Yes, we can get a lot of it, but the supplies will eventually diminish and a lot of our oil comes from unstable regions. Green energy sounds nice but isn't scalable to a national or global portion. Therefore, we need nuclear. And we need it more than before.

Some priorities we need to change are:

1. Build more nuclear plants. They're safe. They're clean. They're cheap.
2. Reprocess waste. Not only does this produce more fuel, but it reduces that amount of waste we have to dispose.
3. Open Yucca Mountain for storage. We need a long term solution for nuclear waste. This is the best, safest option. We cannot continue the short term solution of storing waste on the site of nuclear plants. It's dangerous, and it is only viable in the short term.

Let's wake up and do the right thing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good and Bad - Budapest policemen caught taking bribe from gun-runners

"Budapest police officers were captured by special commando units after they accepted a Ft 700,000 bribe from a drug and firearms courier, who had been under police surveillance."

Ft 700,000 is just over $ 4000. Adjusting for differences in GDP per capita, this is like an American police officer taking a $9450 bribe.

"Warrant officer Sándor Sz. and sergeant major Csaba H, both patrol policemen in their thirties, stopped a car driver for a routine check on Fõ utca in Budapest’s First District Sunday afternoon.

By the way, this is the famous Castle District, the biggest tourist center in the city.

"The police officers found drugs and firearms in the car, but agreed to let the driver go after he offered them Ft 700,000. Within a minute the two police officers were handcuffed, as detectives from Vas county police and special commando units swooped on the courier, who was known to be carrying drugs, firearms, ammunition and forged Ft 20,000 banknotes.

Firearms are also illegal in Hungary unless you have a very exclusive, special permit for hunting.

"The driver was let go by the commando units, but was stopped on route 8, in the Jánosháza region, on Monday morning, when a search uncovered seven grams of cocaine, a pistol, 19 bullets and 53 counterfeit Ft 20,000 banknotes.

Ft 20,000 is worth about $120.

"Budapest's police chief fired Sz. and H. on Monday night."

Good things: The Hungarian police are concerned about corruption and are making arrests. They fired the offending officers.
Bad things: There IS corruption within the Hungarian police, and why, oh, why did the "commando unit" let the perp go in the first place?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fred Thompson Quits Presidential Race

I salute you, sir! And thank you for running.

Fred Thompson Quits Presidential Race

My candidate didn't win. Too bad. I really like Fred Thompson and his ideas. Who will I endorse next? I'm not sure yet. I'll need to do some research and thinking.

So, why did he not succeed. Well, lots of reasons have been suggested. Part of it is though the properties of self-fulfilling prophecies. What do I mean? During primaries, voters want candidates that can win the general election. Therefore, they support "leading" candidates. Therefore, candidates who are labelled as "also rans" from the get-go have a hard time getting support. Therefore, they never lead. It's a vicious cycle.

Dear Mr. Thompson. Thank you! We need a conservative voice more than ever and I am glad someone had the guts to speak.

"Gunmen" take "refuge"

I just read this story from the Wall Street Journal. I was particularly interested in the language.

Gunmen Take Students Hostage At High School in Pakistan -

In a nutshell, "gunmen" abducted a public official and then took "refuge" in a school. Oh, and dozens of students and teachers are still in the school. The school is in a "volatile" region which in a stronghold for the Taliban.

Not until the fifth paragraph is the word "terrorists" mentioned and even then it is a "quote" of a government official. Not until the sixth paragraph is the word "hostage" mentioned.

Let's just called them what they are: lowlife, pathetic, and cowardly terrorists.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Michael Yon: Moment of Truth in Iraq

Michael Yon has written another fantastic essay that everyone should read. Also, given his incredible insight into the situation from Iraq, I would recommend that everyone order one of his books.

Michael Yon : Online Magazine » Blog Archive » Moment of Truth in Iraq

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

San Jose Mercury News - Vaccines pose no risk for autism, research shows

This is big news and should go a long way to have parents vaccinate their children with all available vaccines. Unfortunately, the rate of vaccination has dropped in recent years because of fears of the side effects of vaccines. Recently, a school registrar that I know revealed, with confidence, that the actual rate of students not vaccinated in public schools is alarmingly high and schools haven't told parents for fear that enrollment would drop.

San Jose Mercury News - Vaccines pose no risk for autism, research shows

"'Thimerosal exposure bears no relationship to the risk of autism,' wrote Canadian autism researcher Dr. Eric Fombonne in an editorial accompanying the study. 'Parents of autistic children should be reassured that autism in their child did not occur through immunizations.'"

'Some doctors believe the increase [in diagnosis of autism] stems from better awareness and diagnosis of the disorder, not more actual cases.'

Also, 'in 2004, an Institute of Medicine panel, after examining more than 20 studies on autism and vaccines, said there is no convincing evidence to support any link between thimerosal or the MMR vaccine and autism. The current California Department of Public Health study adds to that body of research.'

But of course, 'Geraldine Dawson, the chief science officer for the advocacy group Autism Speaks, called the California research "a very important study. The bulk of the evidence thus far suggests that mercury is not involved, but I think parents still have many questions," Dawson said. "I think until parents are satisfied, we need to continue to examine the question."'

So, in other words, "we're not happy and we will still doubt the safety of vaccinations despite 20+ studies that show otherwise."

For parents that are reasonable and responsible, I have one piece of advice: listen to your doctor and get you children vaccinated!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why I read blogs:

I read lots of blogs. Lots. Some are great and some are OK. But the great thing about blogs is that from time to time, you get something... amazing. What I just read and what I want you to read is just that.