Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday Night Festival!

Last night we attended our town's festival. Even though we live in Budapest, each neighborhood is basically like its own little town (think New York's burrows). Everyone of these little towns has at least a couple of festivals a year. Well, we met up with some friends that just recently moved to the area and hit the streets. Here are some pics.

This is the main street running through out little town. Actually, it's just half of it. The other half is on the other side of the buildings to the left. It's really weird. Anyway, the booths on the left are various vendors selling the typical stuff. It's amazing that so many of the festivals have essentially the same things every time.

Here's a picture of my wife, Michelle, on the right, with our good friend and coworker, Lisa. They're sharing an oven-baked langos. It's basically some really good bread smothered with sour cream, trapista cheese (the Hungarian cheese of choice), onions, and ham. It's pretty good. Of course, we also tried lots of wines. Budafok, our neighborhood is famous for it numerous wineries. The most famous is of course, Törley, which is just down the street from our house.

Here's a picture of my favorite Hungarian dessert, kurtos kalacs. It's a sweet dough wrapped around wooden pegs, roasted, then covered with your favorite topping like cinamon or vanilla. They are simply the best. If you ever come to Hungary, make sure you get one fresh, not pre-made. They'll make you want to come back!

And, of course, there were bands everywhere. This one was playing in an empty warehouse and had the whole crowd dancing.

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