Monday, August 27, 2007

Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick!

Today I was reading Pat Dollard's blog and came across this article: Pat Dollard Young Americans Blog Archive » Jihadi Shortage Leads Al Qaeda To Swell Ranks With Local Children.

"Child fighters, once a rare presence on Iraq’s battlefields, are playing a significant and growing role in kidnappings, killings and roadside bombings in the country, U.S. military officials say."


"Stone attributes the rise in child fighters in the country, in part, to the pressure that the U.S. buildup of troops has placed on the flow of foreign fighters. Fewer of them are making it into the country, he said, and the militant group Al Qaeda in Iraq is having a difficult time recruiting adults locally. Thus, it has turned to children."

I had two thoughts while I was reading the article and a third as I was typing this post.

1. Sick! Sick! Sick! Sick! I don't say bad language but I have some in mind for Al Qaeda in Iraq who would use children as expendable fodder. Are they so mentally disturbed that they think their religion allows, or even encourages, such disgusting behavior?

2. As upsetting as this is, it is actually a sign that Al Qaeda in Iraq may be in its twilight. It has been a trend that in past, elongated conflicts the losing side begins using anyone that can to prolong the inevitable. For example, the beaches of Normandy in 1944 was protected by very few Germans but a lot of conscripts from other nations, old men, and young boys. Al Qaeda in Iraq seems to be beginning, according to this article, this same pattern.

3. The last thought I had occurred while I was writing this entry. I am proud of what our military is doing in this situation. If you think about it, it could be doing much worse. Certainly, Al Qaeda in Iraq would do much worse. I'm sure that they would just simply execute these young boys. We aren't. A more humane country would just simply lock them up and throw away the key. We didn't. We are actually taking time to teach, to educate, to care for these young boys. Doesn't that say something about who are the American people?

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