Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chemistry Help

In chemistry, we've been studying the progression of the various models of the atom and what evidence led to the revisions. Though the evidence for the existence of discrete, neutral, massive particles called neutrons is strong, what evidence do we have that leads us to believe the neutron is in the nucleus?

I am not suggesting that it is not. I just simply want to know why the atomic models have the neutrons in the nucleus. Was there a particular experiment or observation?

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Anonymous said...

Here is a possible source for an answer and follow up which your DAD found. To wit:
The fact that nuclear reactors work is a good sign that neutrons exist since our ability to control that type of reactor depends on our ability to control the flow of neutrons.

The text of the letter detailing the discovery of the neutron can be read here:

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- Stephen F. Gagnon
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility