Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Out-Freaking-Ragious: The New York Times Defends Blagojevich

In a dispicable display, the New York Times defends Governor Blagojevich using the excuse that it just political business as usual and that the legal requirements for prosecusion are not ideal!

What Blagojevich is accused of having done is an example of the worst type of political corruption. He was willing to use his political power to benefit the highest payer. The fact that his crime may not be prosecutable is not relevant to the need for his resignation.

Surely, if this had been a Republican governor, the NYT would have already called for his resignation screeming that such corruption cannot be tolerated in government (as it cannot). Yet, the NYT shows their amazing bias by not just simply ignoring the case, as happened when John Edwards was caught in an affair, but they actually defend this slime!

The simplest test for bias is this: if the roles where reversed, would the reaction be the same? No Republican would receive the benefit of defense from the NYT.

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