Friday, April 18, 2008

BLACKFIVE: DoD Press Release Reports What MSM Won't

BLACKFIVE: DoD Press Release Reports What MSM Won't

On Blackfive, there is a great article on yet another major setback for AQI. Yet, we really haven't heard that much about it from the MSM. In the comments section, the discussion heats up. Usually, I don't comment on very much. But, here, I couldn't resist.

Go and read the article and the comments. Here is the comment I left:

A good way to evaluate this would be to consider, "What if the opposite was true?" Consider if, instead, the headline was, "AQI captures critical US intelligence; 53 American commanders, generals and colonels, captured or killed."

What kind of reaction would this get? What sort of reporting?
1. It would be on EVERY network's primetime coverage.
2. It would be on EVERY newspaper's front page.
3. EVERY congressman would demand immediate investigation.
4. Massive protests and demonstrations in EVERY city.

Now, let's ask the question, "Is the MSM's level of coverage appropriate?" Hmm.

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